Flyover Podcast #18

We are going to put out the “2.0” edition of the podcast on every Wednesday, starting March 28th.

The line up looks to include some favorites like

Mike O’Cull
Paralon Security
Nick DiNardo
and many more! Plus my crappy sense of humor…

Anyway, if you’re interested in getting to the podcast, it will be hosted on iTunes and Google play, but the main distribution will be our page at Sound Cloud.

What happened?

For those of you who have listened to the podcast in the past, you may be wondering whats up.

Life. Things got complicated and I just dint have the time or the will to properly put together the show by myself. I have some help now, and hopefully we will build our base to get more exposure for the bands that work so hard to put out original music.

I apologise to all of those bands who contributed music, and listeners who enjoyed the podcast. Things are going well and We’re excited to get moving again.